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Nate GotcherRA


Bringing whimsy and practicality together to make well-loved buildings that last.

Nate was drawn to the practice of architecture from an early age through the beauty of traditional church architecture, and the design of physical environments in the Myst video game series. This led him to a deep fascination with how cities are formed around sacred spaces and the way urban design can communicate meaning to residents. This intersection between art and political life is what animates Nate’s work as an architect. He brings this focus to Union’s work in community design, always aspiring to make beautiful places for people to live that also contribute to the unity of society.

Nate enjoys reading, playing and listening to music, and philosophical conversations with friends. He is a lover of Gothic architecture, vinyl records, and the Oxford Comma. He lives outside Philadelphia with his wife and four kids with whom he explores the world of The Legend of Zelda.

Nate graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a Bachelor of Architecture and a minor in Medieval Studies.