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Outdoor headshot of Brendan Herr

Brendan HerrNCARB


Calm, practical, and an excellent collaborator who brings a sharp eye to artistic renderings and construction drawings.

Brendan’s favorite moment in architectural history was when a few people realized the detrimental effect that access to cheap energy has had on building and community design and decided to change the paradigm back to human-scaled, environmentally sustainable buildings. Continuing this trajectory inspires much of Brendan’s professional work. He has a broad skill set which he applies to many of Union’s projects in the form of precedent research, construction detail development, and concept visualization.

Brendan participated in the inaugural design studio of the Traditional Architecture and Urbanism concentration at Judson University. He and his classmates were proud to help establish the program for future classes to study traditional architecture and town planning principles.

On evenings and weekends, he’s an avid baker, runner, beer connoisseur, and dog whisperer.

Brendan completed both his Bachelor and Master of Architecture at Judson University.