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Outdoor headshot of Alanna Jaworski

Alanna JaworskiAIA, SARA


Whip-smart problem-solver who knows how to laugh through the demands of the day.

After several years of designing pre-K schools in New York City, Alanna has returned to New England where she savors every opportunity to get outside. She particularly enjoys site visits where she can solve problems on the fly and see her designs realized. Whether it’s schools, housing, or some other program, she pursues architectural work that gives everyone the opportunity to thrive.

Alanna enjoys walking and biking through New England’s post-industrial cities, experiencing the built environment at a slower and more thoughtful pace. On the weekends, you are most likely to find her working on a new house project – mostly by choice! Otherwise, you’ll find her gardening, exploring the city of New Bedford, or joining some friends for a bike ride.

Alanna received her Bachelor of Architecture, summa cum laude, from the Pratt Institute.