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The Red Lion Inn

Stockbridge, Massachusetts
Date 2022
Client Main Street Hospitality

Built in 1773, the Red Lion Inn is a historic inn located in the heart of the Berkshires in western Massachusetts. Over the past nearly two and a half centuries, the inn has grown from a small tavern that was a stopover for stagecoaches into a luxury hotel. Along with the main inn, the property now includes seven additional buildings all within the same block. The owners recognized the need to create a cohesive vision for the campus and are working with Union to undertake this once-in-a-lifetime re-envisioning.

In collaboration with the owners, a private developer, and a landscape architect, Union is developing the strategic lens through which the team will approach a phased vision for the property. The overarching goal for the inn owners is to continue the stewardship and preservation. The vision includes a combination of architectural additions and renovations, landscaping, and hardscaping to strengthen the connection between interior and exterior spaces and to create new guest experiences and amenities.

People sitting on a porch
Proposed front porch expansion for the Main Inn
Strategic goals diagram for the re-envisioning process
Proposed courtyard improvements include a new accessible entry, covered porch, and renovated bar and patio.