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Passive House Residence

South Kingstown, Rhode Island
Date 2018
Size 2,500 SF
Cost $550,000

After purchasing property in an idyllic coastal location on Potter’s Cove in South Kingstown, Rhode Island, the owners found that the current home on the site was in such disrepair that it would need to be replaced. They saw this as an opportunity to create a home more sensitive to its location and approached Union with their goal: to build a beautiful, simple, “crisp-modern” home that was low maintenance and energy efficient. Through a series of discussions, Union and the owners developed a concept for the house that combined a simple floor plan with straightforward detailing that could align with the Passive House standard.

The success of the project brings together three key things: cost, energy performance, and design. By identifying and prioritizing ways to keep costs in check while simultaneously using sound building science strategies and retaining a strong sense of design, this custom-built home for a family of six is net-energy positive – generating all its own electricity and producing an additional 151 kilowatt hours (kWh) per month – while also providing the modern living space and connection to the outdoors the family desired.

Images below by Rupert Whiteley

Open dining area with views to Potter's Cove
Simple entry with timber overhang.
Exterior patio off the dining room and living spaces.
High ceilings with clerestory windows let in abundant light to the open kitchen and living spaces.
Patio at dusk
Front of house with entry lights at dusk