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House at East Beach

East Beach, Norfolk, Virginia
Date 2005
Size 2,300 SF
  • NAHB Best in American Living Award Single-Family Detached Home 1,801 to 2,400 SF, 2008

This home presented a unique challenge because it is located on one of the narrowest corner lots in the village of East Beach in Norfolk, Virginia. As a traditionally planned community with high standards for architectural character and design, the home not only needed to fit the critical dimensions, which only allowed for a 16-foot wide house, but also needed to accommodate wrap-around porches, a carriage house, screened dining area, and a courtyard outdoor space.

To meet these requirements, the layout of the home is extremely efficient and delivers an elegant face to both the primary and secondary streets by using subtle custom detailing and millwork. The detailing blends with the tidewater craftsmanship that characterizes the local vernacular of the surrounding communities.

First and second floor plans
Custom detailing and millwork is used throughout the home, including lookouts on the underside of the porch rake. They also are used to for personalization at the interior and to announce the entry to the carriage house.
House at night with wrap-around porch and cupola lit up.