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Division Road Neighborhood

East Greenwich, Rhode Island
Size 80 acres; 418 residential units
Client Modern Industries, Inc.

The town of East Greenwich designated this undeveloped parcel of land as a site for a potential new neighborhood with hopes of addressing the community’s shortage of affordable housing. Instead of proposing a conventional multifamily scheme, Union worked with the client team to create a vision of a walkable, mixed-income neighborhood.

Diagram of typical secondary street and lot diagram with shared drive between rear lots.
Typical secondary street section diagram.

The vision includes a range of multifamily and single-family buildings for a range of income levels and households that are currently underserved by the town’s existing housing stock.

Illustrative site scheme with housing types.

A total of 418 residential units are proposed in an interconnected community of streets, blocks, and community green spaces. Twenty-five percent of the homes will be deed restricted as affordable. In yellow are single-family dwelling lots, in orange are manors with six units each, and in red are 34-unit multifamily buildings.

Overall neighborhood aerial drawing