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Outdoor headshot of Hailey Beyer

Hailey BeyerRA


Consistent, well-organized, and curious, and relates easily to clients and colleagues.

Hailey loves taking a design concept and figuring out how to make it real. She finds working out how to maintain an aesthetic while fulfilling the technical requirements of a building such an interesting challenge. She loves learning about building science and new materials, systems, and details that make buildings better. She is passionate about sustainability in architecture and her personal life, particularly with regard to waste reduction. Hailey recently became interested in minimalism and by decluttering many of her possessions as well as much of her wardrobe, she learned firsthand how owning less can increase your appreciation and satisfaction with the things that you do have. She would love to apply this principle to her work in architecture as well.

Outside of work, Hailey loves painting. She mostly paints with acrylic and oil but is trying to learn watercolor so she can more easily sit outside and paint from life. On weekends, you can find Hailey and her husband walking around Roger Williams Park Zoo, trying to spot local wildlife, or maybe just looking at the kittens in PetSmart.

Hailey graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.