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The Odeum Theater

East Greenwich, Rhode Island
Date 2020
Size 10,400 SF
Client The Odeum Corporation

Located in the historic district of East Greenwich, The Greenwich Odeum plays a vital role in the civic and cultural heart of downtown. Built in 1926, and first used as a vaudeville theater, the venue was in need of upgrades to serve the needs of the current performances and events. Working with the Board of Directors of The Greenwich Odeum, Union developed a plan for a multi-phased approach to renovate the theater by expanding the lobby area, providing required accessibility and life safety upgrades, and increasing seating in the theater with a new balcony.

Image by The Greenwich Odeum

During the first phase of the project, the lobby was fully renovated and expanded, paying close attention to retaining existing historic details. The renovation also included new accessible bathrooms and infrastructure to support future phases of the project.

The second phase of the project included the installation of an automatic fire suppression system, new mechanical systems, site improvements for accessibility, and a new accessible lift to provide access to the upper levels.

The third phase of the project converted the second floor into a lobby, provided balcony seating, and made improvements to the exterior, including updates to the canopy, upgraded lighting, and new signage.

Images by The Greenwich Odeum