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North Elmwood Revitalization

Providence, RI
Date 2008
Size Misc. - scattered site
Cost $9.4 million
Client Non-Profit Community Development Corporation
  • 2008 Providence Preservation Society: Historic Preservation Award for Neighborhood Revitalization
  • 2007 National Housing & Rehabilitation Association: J. Timothy Anderson Excellence in Historic Rehabilitation Award for Mixed-Income Housing

Historic preservation, the adaptive reuse of four historic structures, and a contextual intervention of new infill housing, create 56 units of affordable housing.

Built during the mid to late 19th century as single-family homes for those families that profited from the industrial expansion in Providence, these South Providence mansions fell into severe disrepair as investment in the neighborhood dried up during the 20th century.

Through the rehabilitation of four historic Victorian homes, along with carefully designed new construction that respects the existing historic fabric, the North Elmwood Revitalization has transformed one of the most architecturally prominent streets in the North Elmwood historic district of South Providence. The first two completed phases consist of 16 mixed income residences for homeownership and 40 low-income rental housing units on Parkis Avenue and nearby streets.

Fine, large, upper-class late Victorian houses, 1860-1890 turned into low-cost, transient rooming houses