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Hammetts Hotel

Newport, Rhode Island
Guest Lounge
Hammetts Wharf sign painted on hotel exterior
Giusto's from the shared deck at Hammetts Wharf.
Date 2020
Size 47,000 SF
Cost $25M
Client Scott’s Wharf, LLC
  • AIA Rhode Island Merit Award, 2020
  • CNU Charter Award, 2021
  • Hospitality Design Awards - Midscale Hotel, 2021
  • RI Monthly Award of Distinction - Commercial Interiors, 2021
  • Urban Guild Design Excellence Award, 2021
  • Grow Smart RI - Outstanding Smart Growth Project, 2022

In 2016, Union was approached by a developer to imagine what could be possible on a surface parking lot located at the water’s edge on Newport harbor. The site fragmented the Newport Harbor Walk, as the narrow, decrepit sidewalk and sunken parking area disconnected Newport’s commercial wharves from its primary shopping and tourist district. The site afforded the perfect opportunity to knit these two areas of Newport back together, but it came with challenges. Practically teetering over the water’s edge, the site is located within the most restrictive flood zone and faces a convergence of environmental challenges including a high water table, the increasing threat of storm surge inundation and sea-level rise, and the need to reduce runoff into the protected waters of Narragansett Bay.

Together, the team envisioned a mixed-use hotel that had the power to bolster the pedestrian experience along America’s Cup Avenue by providing public access to a graceful deck overlooking the harbor, a signature restaurant, an art gallery, and retail while at the same time responding to the ever-increasing threat posed by climate change.

Hammetts Wharf represents how new buildings can support the on-going preservation of a historic community. By respecting its historic context and designed to withstand the effects of climate change, it promotes a culture of permanence and a respect for and commitment to our existing natural and built environment.

Images by Matt Carbone and Warren Jagger

Rear deck overlooking harbor at dusk